Mysterious Tunguska Explosion of 1908 in Siberia may be linked to Tesla’s experiments of wireless transmission

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Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb which was illuminated without wires by an electromagnetic field from the “Tesla Coil”.

Many theories have been proposed for the cause of the explosion.  One theory is that Tesla’s experiments with wireless transmission may have inadvertently caused the explosion.

Above: A bright, flaming object coming in from the sky at an angle and then a giant bright blast. 
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Above:  Landscape after the Tunguska Explosion, 1908, photo from )

Did you know that in 1908 in Siberia, one of the most catastrophic, mind-blowing (and mysterious) cosmic impact catastrophes ever in the history of civilization occurred – and yet it wasn’t widely known outside Russia (save for a few astronomy and research scientist enclaves) until around the 1970’s? Even interested research parties didn’t learn about or even set foot on the scene of disaster until…

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The ‘Improbable’ Rise Of A Billionaire

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Born to a poor, teenage mother in rural Jamaica, billionaire Michael Lee-Chin considers himself a “statistical improbability.”

It is one of those mysterious ways in which the universe works. We’ve all likely had some form of this experience: An old friend’s name pops into your head, and the next thing you know your phone rings and it’s him or her; you find an old photo in a drawer of someone and later that day find yourself standing in line at Starbucks next to that person; you are in a foreign country and someone from your hometown is eating at the same restaurant as you.

Fate or freak occurrence? Believe what you will. In any case, this is what happened: I had e-mailed Doug Hewson, the managing partner of billionaire Michael Lee-Chin’s Portland Private Equity firm, to inquire about the possibility of interviewing the Jamaican-Canadian business magnate investor and capitalist. Hewson…

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Jay Baller vs. General Sun Zu (Lunar Grand Prix #2)


Jay Baller vs. General Sun Zu (Lunar Grand Prix #2)

Jay Baller vs. General Sun Zu (Lunar Grand Prix #2)

Princess Breazzy Vs. General Sun Zu (Lunar Gandprix #3)


Princess Breazzy Vs. General Sun Zu (Lunar Gandprix #3)

Princess Breazzy Vs. General Sun Zu (Lunar Gandprix #3)


Edward Snowden: how the spy story of the age leaked out

Link to video: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things’As he pulled a small black suitcase and carried a selection of laptop bags over his shoulders, no one would have paid much attention to Ed Snowden as he arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. But Snowden was not your average tourist or businessman. In all, he was carrying four computers that enabled him to gain access to some of the US government’s most highly-classified secrets.Today, just over three weeks later, he is the world’s most famous spy, whistleblower and fugitive, responsible for the biggest intelligence breach in recent US history. News organisations around the globe have described him as “America’s Most Wanted”. Members of Congress have denounced him as a “defector” whose actions amount to treason and have demanded he be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

His supporters argue that his actions have opened up a much-needed debate on the balance between security and privacy in the modern world.

So is he whistleblower or traitor? That debate is still raging.

Snowden, aged 29, had flown to Hong Kong from Hawaii, where he had been working for the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton at the National Security Agency, the biggest spy surveillance organisation in the world. Since Monday morning, he has gone underground. Hong Kong-based journalists, joined by the international press, have been hunting for him. At the height of the search, reporters recruited Twitter followers to see if they could successfully identify the lighting and other hotel furnishings shown in the video in which he went public. They did: the $330-a-night Mira Hotel, on Nathan Road, the busy main shopping drag in Kowloon district.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before he was found, Snowden checked out at lunchtime on Monday. It is thought he is now in a safe house.

What happens now? The US is on the verge of pressing criminal charges against him and that would lead to extradition proceedings, with a view to bringing him back to the US for trial and eventually jail.

If America is planning to jail for life Bradley Manning, who was behind the 2010 WikiLeaks release of tens of thousands of state department memos, what retribution lies in store for Snowden, who is guilty of leaking on a much bigger scale? The documents Manning released were merely “classified”. Snowden’s were not only “Top Secret”, but circulation was extremely limited.

For an American, the traditional home for the kind of story Snowden was planning to reveal would have been the New York Times. But during extensive interviews last week with a Guardian team, he recalled how dismayed he had been to discover the Times had a great scoop in election year 2004 – that the Bush administration, post 9/11, allowed the NSA to snoop on US citizens without warrants – but had sat on it for a year before publishing.

Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald speaks to reporters at his hotel in Hong Kong. See his interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden here.Glenn Greenwald. Photograph: Vincent Yu/APSnowden said this was a turning point for him, confirming his belief that traditional media outlets could not be trusted. He looked around for alternative journalists, those who were both anti-establishment and at home with blogging and other social media. The member of this generation that he most trusted was the Guardian commentator Glenn Greenwald.

In January, Snowden reached out to a documentary filmmaker and journalist, Laura Poitras, and they began to correspond. In mid-February, he sent an email to Greenwald, who lives in Brazil, suggesting he might want to set up a method for receiving and sending encrypted emails. He even made a YouTube video for Greenwald, to take him step-by-step through the process of encryption. Greenwald did not know the identity of the person offering the leaks and was unsure if they were genuine. He took no action. In March, in New York, he received a call from Poitras, who convinced him that he needed to take this more seriously.

Greenwald and Snowden set up a secure communications system and the first of the documents arrived, dealing with the NSA’s secret Prism programme, which gathers up information from the world’s leading technology companies.

Greenwald flew to New York to talk to Guardian editors on 31 May; the next day, he and Poitras flew to Hong Kong. (I met the two for the first time in the New York office, accompanied them to Hong Kong and joined them in interviewing Snowden over the best part of a week, and writing articles based on the leaked documents and the interviews).

Neither Greenwald nor Poitras even knew what Snowden looked like. “He had some elaborate scheme to meet,” Greenwald said. Snowden told him to go to a specific location on the third floor of the hotel and ask loudly for directions to a restaurant. Greenwald assumed Snowden was lurking in the background, listening in.

They went to a room that, Greenwald recalled, contained a large fake alligator. Snowden made himself known. He had told Greenwald that “I would know it was him because he would be carrying a Rubik’s Cube”.

Both Greenwald and Poitras were shocked the first time they saw the 29-year-old. Greenwald said:

I had expected a 60-year-old grizzled veteran, someone in the higher echelons of the intelligence service. I thought: ‘This is going to be a wasted trip.’

After an hour of listening to Snowden, Greenwald changed his mind. “I completely believed him,” he said.

The interviews were conducted in Snowden’s room, which overlooked Kowloon Park. Snowden and the journalists, complete with camera equipment, crammed into the tiny space. He had been there for two weeks, having meals sent up. He did not have much with him: some clothes, a book, four computers, that Rubik’s Cube. He was becoming worried about the costs and especially the chance that his credit cards would be blocked.

Even though he was well-versed in surveillance techniques, he would not have been hard to find – having signed in under his own name, using his own credit cards.

The interviews, combined with the leaked documents, provided the Guardian with four scoops in quick succession, from the court order showing that the US government had forced the telecoms giant Verizon to hand over the phone records of millions of Americans, to the previously undisclosed programme, Prism.

The Prism story was also published independently by the Washington Post after Poitras, a freelance journalist, had earlier approached the investigative reporter Barton Gellman, who took the story to the paper. Once on the ground working in Hong Kong, Poitras began worked with the Guardian team.

On Sunday, the story shifted from the leaks to the leaker. Snowden had from the start decided against anonymity and Poitras filmed him being interviewed by Greenwald for a video that would announce his outing.

Snowden’s decision to go public has mystified many. Why come out? He had, he said, seen at first hand the impact on colleagues of leak inquiries involving anonymous sources and he did not want to put his colleagues through another ordeal.

Hong KongHong Kong> Photograph: Getty ImagesSo what are the options available to him now? In the interviews, he praised Hong Kong as a place with a strong tradition of free speech and a working judicial system, in spite of having been returned to Chinese sovereignty. But these courts, judging by examples of past extradition cases, tend to lean towards being helpful towards the US.

Snowden would likely argue he is not guilty of a crime and claim the charges are politically motivated.

He has been hailed as a hero by some and a criminal by others. He was denigrated in columns in the New York Times and Washington Post. The Post columnist Richard Cohen, though he has never met Snowden, wrote: “He is not paranoiac; he is merely narcissistic.” In the New York Times, David Brooks offered up psychological analysis, writing:

Though thoughtful, morally engaged and deeply committed to his beliefs, he appears to be a product of one of the more unfortunate trends of the age: the atomization of society, the loosening of social bonds, the apparently growing share of young men in their 20s who are living technological existences in the fuzzy land between their childhood institutions and adult family commitments.

On Sunday night, Snowden gave the last of what had been almost a week’s worth of interviews. It was his final night in that hotel room: the final night before his old life gave way to a new and uncertain one. He sat on his bed, arms folded, television news on without the sound, and spoke about the debate he had started, homing in on a comment Obama had made on Friday, in response to the leaks.

“You can’t have 100% security and then also have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience,” the president said. Society had to make choices, he added.

Snowden challenged this, saying the problem was that the Obama administration had denied society the chance to have that discussion. He disputed that there had to be a trade-off between security and privacy, describing the very idea of a trade-off as a fundamental assault on the US constitution.

In what were to be the last words of the interview, he quoted Benjamin Franklin: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Snowden recited it slowly. For him, it had a special resonance.

He has gone underground for now. But this saga is far from over.

Thanks for this positive information proving sanity is returning to the area.

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Citizens and local authorities are waking up to the tyranny that is rearing it’s ugly head in the United States today. On Thursday, the Oswego County Legislature approved a resolution against parts of New York State’s new gun laws. The measure passed by a unanimous vote (25-0)!

The measure says the new Safe Act has a severe impact on guns that are used for safe recreation. It argues that state lawmakers didn’t have enough time to review it before it was passed. A copy of the resolution will be on its way to both Barack Obama and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The resolution also encourages public hearings to be held by lawmakers and encourages the representatives of Oswego County to submit written opinions about the SAFE Act.  Oswego is not the first to do this. Madison and Herkimer counties have already passed similar resolutions and Ontario is poised to…

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A must read!

The Grey Enigma

1. Read the agreements for all mobile phone apps before you download them.  Some of them are scary!  They will track your location using your GPS and some (like Facebook) will download ALL OF THE CONTACTS IN YOUR PHONE. Can’t remember who you’ve handed your data to?  MyPermissions can help.

2. Read the Terms of Service Agreements for sites you give your information to. Especially sites you give your financial information to. You maybe thinking:”I’ve been on page 5 of Freedom for 8 months, HOW am I going to find the time to read online agreements?”  ToS;DR can help.

3. Use a search engine that doesn’t track you, like DuckDuckGo or Startpage for searches you want to keep private.  Google’s Incognito setting, Microsoft’s Do Not Track setting and other browser privacy settings are not always effective, because they typically leave the decision of whether to track you up to…

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Vikki Blows?

Vikki BlowsVikki BlowsVikki Blows


Vikki Blows is a well-known glamour model from Britain. Many of her sexy pictures appear in several famous magazines and websites. Her nick name is Blows that is used for photo shoots often. Vikki Blows Profile got famed after her picture was beginning to post on many page3 magazines. Mostly she poses nude or semi nude for magazines and those are too hot for everyone.


Vikki Blows grew up in Romford, UK with her family. Vikki Blows Biography is interesting in the way that she never finishes her school, from the age of 13 Blows beging to work as a hair dresser. When she reached 15 she already decided to become a glamour model and work for well-known brands, which was also her dream. According to Vikki Blows Records, she then joined an agency to click some photos, though the experience she had with that agency was not well and later she personally made an effort to send her pictures to Samantha Bond Management, a well-known modeling company. She got her first picture with ‘The Daily Star’ magazine, though her first audition was for ‘The Sun’.

She has no problem with clicking nude photos of her as she says without cloths she feels much better which is a very natural for her. Till date she has gained a huge fan following in UK and it is on the increase. Her assets are her beautiful face, lips and slim sexy body. There are lot of contracts are waiting for her as she is only 24 years old and she is one of the busiest models in the world. She has also launched her official website where her hot photos are visible.

Personal Life

Vikki Blows Profile is also well known because of her love life. She has always been linked with models and actors. In real life Vikki Blows prefers to stay with friends or at home. She has a habit of smoking but she doesn’t drink. One of her favorite drink is tea which she likes to have most of the time.


Vikki Blows Achievements are filled with interesting things. At her young age she was learning hair dressing but could find a suitable spot because of failing in the test. But when she started her carrier as a model she understood that she was on the right path. Famous magazines like British Lad Mag, Maxim, FHM, the Sun, Zoo, Nuts, Front and Bizarre have clicked her attractive photos. Recently, she was seen in the movie titled ‘Footballer’s Wives’ which was an average film. But it helped her name to spread in the film industry. Another film came in 2006 named ‘When Evil Calls’, the film didn’t do well. In 2008, the film ‘Street Fighter’ released and its opening was good.

Fracking, Gulf Oil Disaster, Sinkholes, Craton Plate, Salt Domes, and Munitions may equal Major Catastrophe

Fracking is occurring all along the Craton Plate, whereby all known quakes are taking place in the US. The craton is moving South and West. This is incredible pressure and the last hard movement was in 1811 and 12. This was the largest quake ever to hit this continent in modern times, 9.8.
Everywhere Fracking takes place, a loss of gas occurs and liquid is pumped back in, there have been small quakes.
Back in 2001, BP applied for the license to drill for oil at MC 252 and MC 296. They also applied for exceptions. MC 296 is between two salt domes. It is explained fully in the videos below. With every seismic event that has occurred along the Craton plate, there is a report of oil leaking in 4 and up to 11 mile slicks spotted near Macondo. Yes, the BP Oil Disaster Site. Over the top of two Salt Domes and which drilled down into and gave an outlet to the frozen methane below.
Also the US Navy commissioned NOAA to create a 3-D map of the whole GOM. This survey shows the massive amount of frozen methane under the Gulf. Scientists also recently found that 2.5 gigatonnes resides in the sea floor mud:
Ignore the Global Warming propaganda. But, there also
Back to the TNT and Mustard Gas in a moment. Even an idiot has a clue that all these volatile materials are setting up for a mega disaster.
Now, at the same time, Salt Domes on land are used to store millions of gallons of Butane and radioactive wastes and by-products. Over 12 domes have been identified in the Bayou Corne Parish in Louisiana. Yes, where the 1 by 3 mile sinkhole containing butane is located at, and 11 more identified in the general area. Also, Salt Domes are used very close to the Minden, Louisiana area. Anyone remember the 11 Blasts that woke people from their beds last week in 3 States? It is claimed to be the munitions dump at the old LAAP.
But if you look at the damage from a flyover, then you immediately know that 11 blasts felt in 3 States cannot have occurred underground exclusively.
No way was the force of this explosion promulgated over three states. Most of this was an above ground ignition. What you are looking at is the blasting cap that ignited methane, butane, and who knows what else accumulated into the atmosphere of the surrounding area. It is not beyond belief that a meteorite may have caused this, but I don’t feel it. I think it’s an intentional “Blast Off” of radiant materials out-gassing.
Now, let’s put all these things together, just for the sake of argument. Fracking for gas and oils put enormous floating uplifting pressures on the craton plate. Since so much and so many gases are recovered, and so as to not glut the markets, are then stored in the Gulf Coastal Salt Domes. Billions of tonnes. One day, some small event punctures the Bayou Corne Salt Dome and a gigantic sinkhole opens up, and outgasses in all directions, filling the immediate atmosphere with heavy gases. It would take only a spark to ignite an atmospheric explosion.
The risk would be minimal if done at the right time, night time, and only minor damage done nearby. It would make the sky glow for a bit, but that can be blamed on anything, and was. “Just tell the folks an old Ammo Dump exploded for no reason, hell, they will believe anything.”
Now the atmosphere in the general area is cleaned. No muss, no real fuss. Remember now, the same thing happened last year. “Oh, they’ll forget that”.
But consider this, if any spark will set off even one of these outgassers that seeps thru the cracks of the earth, just what would it do if one that has collapsed ignites with Butane. That’s lighter fluid for folks that don’t know. Now you have an atomic sized event, that in turn sets off the surrounding Salt Domes and their payloads? Also, since all of this has to be, and has for a long time promulgated and traveled along the Louisiana Aquifer System that lies just below, then these, at least 11 H-Bombs, or B-Bombs go off as well and reaches the Macondo Salt Domes surrounded by 30 million or more tonnes of munitions and mustard gas….well, I think you get the picture now.
But, that’s not the worst… Forget about the Craton Plate? Remember it is half floating now due to the Fracking. Now a mega explosion happens at the base of the New Madrid Fault and travels up the main fault, thereby triggering all of the secondary faults until they meet at the Craton Boundary, also known as New Madrid, Mo., which has a confluence of several other lesser known Major Fault Lines, and you have a shift of the Craton Plate.
We are talking about an earthquake such as the world has never known. If this does happen, computer models close to a 12 magnitude are postulated. I cannot imagine a 12 magnitude quake on subsidence soils. A quake that large would set off every fault line in the US to some degree, and most certainly would set off the major one out west that everyone in California and Oregon have feared. Sound impossible? Willing to stake your life on it? I do not want to create a panic, and it shouldn’t, for that is not my intention, but while you have the time to do so, I do suggest contacting everyone you know and let’s get some action going to find out the answers to these very real questions.
If this is the best that politicians and scientists can come up with, then I’d say we have either some very retarded people in those positions, or they know and are covering up for the corporations. A worse idea comes to mind that it may even be intentional. Now that is a scary thought.
Even the idea of fracking and poisoning the US water table and aquifers is enough for me to be concerned, but all of this together is just frightening.